Monday, 1 September 2014

August 24-30

Word count: 4600 for the week. 

I'm pleased to be getting back on track for the sequel to Revelations.  And although I'm looking at a delay for when Revelations will be available, I'm glad I'm taking the time to do it right.

I'm speaking with Streetlight Graphics about doing my cover now.  They won't be available to get started until December but they come highly recommended.  And since I'll be doing a developmental edit in September and couldn't have a line edit until November, I decided it really wasn't going to cost me that much of a delay.  Now I have to get their questionnaire done and returned to them.  I'm not rushing on it since there's 3 months before things will get started.

In my internal paranoia, I'm wondering if I went too far when I spoke to Nathalia about my ideas for a cover.  Did I come across as a control freak (which I am, but not that bad, I promise!)?  But in my saner moments, I don't think I need to look further than her stated reason for not wanting to pursue it: she keeps to a strictly PG rated theme and was concerned my story would be over the line.  I respect that.

Meanwhile, it's back to school next week which should make things a little easier for me.  My boys have been suffering from terminal boredom while I hack away at a keyboard.  It's been hard to carve out time for my writing when I know they only have a limited time to enjoy their summer break.

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