Tuesday, 18 January 2022

A Few of My Favourite Things - Blogpost links

 I'm still having a lot of challenges post-COVID, including long-COVID complications.  However, I did manage to post some blogs over on Soul Mate's site and for those who would like to enjoy them, here they are.  I did a theme of talking about my favourite romance tropes, subgenres, scenes, etc.

The Forced Proximity Trope (who doesn't love only one bed!)

Bodyguard Romances (when one will do anything to protect the other... chef's kiss)

Death Watch (is there anything better than watching one character panic, thinking they're about to lose their best love, and then they DON'T!)

Buttons (slow seduction at its finest and most mouth-watering)

Cynics and Dreamers (when one believes in everything and the other believes in nothing and yet they're both gonna have to take the plunge into love together... sigh)

Real Life Edition (this one isn't a romance trope but it's a post about a pretty cool lady who would have made an excellent heroine: my grandmother)

Second Chance Romances (sometimes people don't get things right the first time and how they can still get to a satisfactory HEA)

Thanks for sticking with me.  :)

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