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Cavemen vs Astronauts: Join the Debate

One of my favourite parts of the Hidden Diamond interviews is seeing people answer one simple question: Who would win?  Cavemen or astronauts.  (from the long running debate from season 5 of Angel).  It's interesting how many different interpretations come from those 6 words.  Some people assume hand to hand combat, others a conflict of civilizations, some just picked which they considered sexier.  Lots of fun answers from some very talented authors.

I thought it would be fun to do a little recap:

Lucy Farago (Romantic Suspense - August 2018)

I always found this debate interesting. What environment are we sticking them in? I get the whole instinct vs evolved debate, but playing field I think is more important. Put them in the wilds with no unfair advantage, cavemen. I’m with Spike, man has evolved to the point that most people wouldn’t survive a day without assistance.

Carey Decevito (Paranormal Romance - September 2018)

And I just took a trip down the Angel memory lane on this one. (Yes, I’m dating myself, aren’t I?) LOL So who would win? Both have merits really. I mean cavemen are who we were before we evolved both mentally and technologically. Let’s face it…cavemen became astronauts, so wouldn’t both win? Isn’t it in fact a tie in the grand scheme of things

Regardless, if you were to pit both of them against one another, I’d say the guy with the superior intellect (astronaut) would win. They do have the problem resolution skills and aptitude to research a hell of a lot more than cavemen would. Let’s just hope the problem at hand isn’t one too simple however. It seems the more knowledge we have, the more someone of superior intellect will suss out a complicated way to solve a problem when the resolution is so simple.

Rosanna Leo (Contemporary Romance - October 2018)

Uh oh. I don't think I followed this debate but I'll say astronauts. 

Jenn Burke (Paranormal Romance - November 2018)


A.M. Griffin (Paranormal Romance - December 2018)

Cavemen. Cavemen adapt. It’s scientifically proven (hello present day humans). Astronauts, while having smarts, really would be hindered if technology was taken away. Honestly, I don’t think anyone walking Earth today could outsmart a caveman when it came to survival.

Freya Barker (Romantic Suspense - January 2019)

I have to confess, I had to look up Joss Whedon. I am a certified non-geek. LOL. So I’m not sure what the debate is all about, it appears the man had quite a few on a variety of subjects, but when it comes to cavemen or astronauts, my pick would be cavemen, hands down.

Sally Brandle (Romantic Suspense - February 2019)

My off-the-cuff answer would be cavemen. Survival skills never lose their impact, whether you instinctively sense someone’s following you or recognize which berry you can eat.

Tamara Hughes (Paranormal Romance - March 2019)

I would have to think astronauts would win if for no other reason than their greater intelligence. They can plan attacks and maneuvers that would outsmart the cavemen. Plus, they can do all that weightless!

Eve Langlais (Paranormal Romance - April 2019)

Cavemen! Because they're stronger and meaner with great big clubs (and maybe a pet sabertooth or two, LOLOL. )

Barbara Nolan (Contemporary Romance - May 2019 Double Feature)

I am going to go with cavemen because they know how to live off the land. They know how to hunt and have basic skills of survival. They are nomadic which means they are also adaptable to their surroundings.

Rayanne Haines (Paranormal Romance - May 2019 Double Feature)

I love a good caveman but I have to say, Astronaut, hands down. Those guys and gals are in the prime physical condition of their life, would have access to medication and health care cavemen wouldn’t even know to dream about, and the military brains to back up any tactical operations to win in combat. Sorry Cavemen – you’re out. 

Olivia Dade (Contemporary Romance - June 2019)

Oddly, even though I could have written like twenty more pages about Jaime and Brienne, I have no answer for this. I want to say cavewomen? Somehow?

Jaycee Jarvis (Fantasy Romance - July 2019)

Astronauts for sure, and I don’t think they’d even need the technological advantage. Their germs alone would wipe out the cavemen.

Rhonda Frankhouser (Paranormal Romance - August 2019)

This is a timely debate for me to enter into, especially after my recent research binge of the Ancient Aliens series. I’m easily an astronaut girl. They would be smarter and more cunning. That alone would outdo the primitive sensibility of the caveman. 

Claire Gem (Paranormal Romance - September 2019)

Cavemen. They learned how to survive long before all the fancy technology was invented to help them. I can’t see an astronaut battling with a mastodon and winning.

Jeanine Englert (Historical Romantic Suspense - October 2019)

I vote cavemen, every time. If you can fend off a dinosaur, find your own dinner, and survive the elements, I think you could outdo an astronaut.

Julie K Cohen (Paranormal Romance - November 2019)

Cavemen. In every book you read and movie you watch, inevitably the modern day protagonists (astronauts in this case) drop their fancy guns or suffer from technological ‘glitches’. When that happens, the protagonists are left with just their wit, which is great if they have the time, materials, and know-how to construct what they need (think MacGyver here).  The cavemen, meanwhile, won’t stop to think the situation through. Their animal instincts to survive will probably kick in faster that the astronauts’ ability to think their way out of a fight.  And guess what?  If they do end up in a hand-to-hand combat situation, those cavemen are probably in better shape than the astronauts. Survival of the fittest.

Barbara Russell (Steampunk Romance - December 2019)

Well, I know that Buffy and her friends will have something to say about this, but the answer is obvious. The astronaut. Have you seen the Martian? A guys who can survive on Mars for more than a year can take a caveman. Unless the caveman is like Angel . . .

As for my opinion, I'm holding that in reserve for now.  But I'd love to hear yours in the comments!

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