Monday, 31 December 2018

Weekly Update: December 23 to 29

Weekly word count: 569

It's been a challenging week.  A reminder that no matter how much I plan and prepare, sometimes life will have other ideas.  It wasn't a particularly productive week but then I took a look at my annual word count from 2018 and I felt a lot better.

2018 word count: 290 997

That's pretty darn good.  Almost half again what I normally write in a year.  And considering I took the month of July off for writing, that's even more impressive.  Now, not everything was sustainable but I've now got a much better idea of what works for me and what doesn't.

Out of that 290k, I wrote a 120k novel, 80k on a second novel and a 16k short story.  That's pretty cool and I'm hoping to carry the momentum forward into 2019.

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