Monday, 11 September 2017

Weekly Update: September 3 to 9

Weekly word count: 3800

Not quite goal, but respectable.  

Ahhh, the sweet, sweet quiet of back to school.  How I have missed it.  For the next ten months, I have provincially-funded silence from 1-3 in which to write. 

There will be interruptions.  That's life.  But if my health holds out, then I should be able to get back to regular 4000 word + weeks.  Fingers crossed that I can get Judgment ready for publication before Ad Astra in May.  That means that the manuscript needs to be in editing for early January at the latest.  So that's the new deadline.

I don't have the third Spirit Sight short story ready for release this year and I'm sorry for that.  I don't like disappointing readers but I hope that they will understand and be patient.

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