Thursday, 3 August 2017

Getting Personal

Today is the start of Romancing the Capital, one of the best romance-themed conferences (in my opinion).  I always look forward to it each year.  It's a lot of fun and I have a great time.

This year, I'm having some conflicted thoughts about it.  I want to go and just immerse myself in the whole experience but there are two things holding me back.  First, I am not where I want to be in terms of getting Judgment ready.  And second, my stamina is not where it was last year.

I was hoping to write 20 000 words this week, but instead I've been averaging about 2000 words a day, which will likely put me at around 10 000 for this week.  That's still respectable but before my health problems started in the spring, I could do 1500 to 2000 words in an hour and a half.  Now I'm writing slower and I don't have the endurance for five to six hour sprints.  

I keep telling myself that this is only temporary and I'll eventually get back to "normal" but after over six months, I'm having to wonder if this is the new normal.  If it is, then I'll have to accept that and learn to work with it.  Part of which means not exhausting myself and facing weeks of non-productiveness.  

One thing that I have going for me is my stubbornness.  I have never yet given up on something that I wanted to do.  If the straight path is denied me, I will go under, over, around and through.  It may take me longer than I hoped, but I will make it.  No question.

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