Monday, 24 April 2017

Weekly Update: April 16 to 22

Weekly word count: 2150

It's a slow start but an improvement nonetheless.  I realized I hadn't ordered some of the swag that I needed for Ad Astra so I put in a rush order for more bags and buttons.  Unfortunately, 4imprint didn't have the royal blue bags that I ordered last time but they had a lovely light blue.  

In other life news, I'm still having trouble due to complications from my surgery last month and my doctor has put me on medical leave from my day job for a month to see if reducing my stress level can help get things back on track.

I'll have to keep reminding myself that I'll need to take this time to rest and recover, not take on more projects.  I've been so used to working, working, working all the time that it will be a challenge.  But since I don't want to end up in a more severe state, I'll have to find a way to relax.

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