Monday, 13 February 2017

Weekly Update: Feb 5 to 11

Weekly word count: 4250

I'm almost done chapter five of the first draft of book 4, now tentatively named Judgment.  I've tried writing scenes with a couple of different options and approaches for my hero, trying to get a sense of what best fits.  These particular words will probably not reach the reader but there's good structure underneath that I can build on.

I got my first preliminary review back from Lauren at Romance Novel Giveaways and she's really enjoying Inquisition.  Always good feedback to hear. 

I've been having some challenges with my registration for Ad Astra.  My payment for the vendor table went through and I got a confirmation email that my application was submitted but they don't seem to have it.  Hopefully we can get it all sorted out.

One more slightly disappointing discovery this week.  I've been looking for a place which does a small banner that I can display on a table (12" by 14" ish) and I found one but they won't ship to Canada.  I'll have to see if one of my US friends might be willing to let me ship to their address.

But the week ends in good news, I also got an invitation from LRWA to present my Beyond the Furrowed Brow workshop in a few weeks.  We'll do it over Skype, which I've never done before.  But it'll be a good group to try with.  It's pretty cool to be recognized, although I do find myself fighting some impostor syndrome symptoms.  (Who am I to be talking about this stuff - the person who's done over four years worth of research into it, that's who.)

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