Monday, 12 September 2016

Weekly Update: September 4 to 11 (Photos of Can-Con)

Weekly update: 3500 words

Other major achievements: 
- sold almost all of my entire stock of books at Can-Con
- met one of my inspiration authors, Tanya Huff, and she bought Revelations!!!

Can-Con was a lot of fun this year.  I was with my tablemates from last year, the Ottawa Browncoats and Mythhawker Books.  The Browncoats were promoting their charity screening of Serenity on September 25th and Mythhawker has expanded from a dozen titles last year to almost a hundred this year.  

Shiny!  Linda and the Ottawa Browncoats

Lisa and Pat of Mythhawkers
And we were joined by a new friend, Heart Tea Heart, a gourmet tea vendor, hopefully coming soon to Bayshore.

On Friday, I met my con-buddy and Blue Penciler, Jennifer, and we spent an hour going over her manuscript and talking about the publishing industry and how to balance real life and writing time.

Two Jennifers

And I also ran into Any, my first and favourite fan.  She is so sweet and fun to talk to.

And then, on Saturday, came my huge thrill where I got to meet Tanya Huff and she autographed my book (even though I missed her signing) and then, when I was already feeling a fangirl high, she joined us for dinner. 

Madonna, Lynne and Leslie

Me, Linda and Tanya

The cherry on the weekend was when Tanya bought a copy of Revelations and then when I sold my final copy of Revelations (and all but 3 copies of Metamorphosis).  This kind gentleman picked up one copy of each.

The final copy of Revelations, sold!

I made some wonderful connections and there may be some interesting opportunities coming up.  I have to talk and get some details and make some decisions.  There were a couple of rough moments, but overall, a great weekend and a great experience.  Can't wait for next year.

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