Monday, 22 August 2016

Weekly Update: August 14 to 20

Weekly word count: 12000

It was a very productive week.  Here's the checklist:

Inquisition: Finished!  <happy dance>
First story for anthology: Finished <more happy dancing>
Second story for anthology: 2/3 done <still more happy dancing... cause that's still good>

I even got some extremely good news that the editor has a spot for mid-September, which means I still have a chance to make a February release!  I've also got a mid-September slot with the cover artist, so look for a cover reveal in early October, which should pair nicely with the release for Rose on the Grave.

I'm feeling quite pleased with myself, and I'm giving myself permission to have a quieter week next week for writing.  Instead of writing every afternoon (which is what I have been doing for the last two months), I'm going to take my boys out to do some of the fun summer stuff I've been wanting to do with them.  They both have the week off from camps and the week after that will be back to school blitzing.

I took another look at my 90 day goals, which have 10 days left.  I will not have my Scrivener notes complete, but I will have Rose on the Grave and Inquisition on track.  I think doing the short stories to submit to the anthology instead was the right choice.  I'm not sure I'll try to do another 90 day goal set, at least not right away.

With luck, I can get the two short stories fully polished and ready for submission at the end of next week.  I've got about 1500 words left to go for the second one, which should be doable.  I'm actually quite pleased with both of them.  They both tie into the lalassu universe.  One is an independent story and the other features Vapor.  If the anthology isn't interested, I'll definitely be publishing them independently as a bonus.

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