Monday, 2 May 2016

Weekly update: April 24 to 30

Weekly word count: 5600

I took one day off this week to get my new tote ready for this month's promotional tour.  After a day of sewing and glue-gunning, the buttons no longer come off and I have several pockets added to hold things like business cards, car keys, my phone and my large promotional postcards (and a strap to keep my water bottle upright in the bag).  I'm feeling very clever about it.

I am also on the hunt today for the final pieces for my costumes for Romancing The Capital's theme dinners (Cowboys and 80's prom).  

I'm also enjoying setting up my new laptop computer.  I'm going to try something new.  With my old computer, I disabled the transmitter (or rather I had my husband do it) so that I couldn't connect to the Internet.  If I wanted to look something up, I needed to go to a different machine.  

This time, I'm keeping the online connection active.  We'll see if I'm disciplined enough to be able to write with the temptation of the Internet and Facebook at my fingertips.

Inquisition is coming along nicely.  I'm still hoping to have the first draft done before school is out in two months.

It's going to be a hectic month but lots of fun.  I can't wait. :)

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