Monday, 1 February 2016

Weekly Update: January 24 to 30

Weekly word count: 4100

It's been a crazy week but I got the final version of Metamorphosis in to Amazon.  And I've almost got the print version ready to go to Createspace, so maybe we'll be lucky enough to have both ready at the same time for release on Valentine's Day.  (It will still take an extra 6-8 weeks for the print book to be available on the site.)

I've also contacted Pub-Craft about doing some promotional work.  And found a contest to enter Revelations in.  And talked to people about rooming together for RWA in San Diego.  And dealt with a sick husband and kids (knock on wood for me getting to avoid it).

This week is going to be another crazy one.  Registration opens for RWA.  I have to get the print formatting done.  I'm also working on a promotional booklet for ORWA to showcase the books published by our members in 2015.  Oh yes, and I still have my day job.

I sent a sneak peek of my first five chapters of Inquisition to my ever-helpful sounding board (thank you, Chris) and she has confirmed that it's coming together well.  It's really nice to be composing at the keyboard again instead of just editing.

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