Monday, 21 December 2015

Weekly Update: December 13 to 19

Weekly word count: 3000

Not my desired 4000, but I'm cutting myself some slack for the holidays.  This was my last week of provincially sponsored child care (otherwise known as school) so for the next two weeks, I've got two active and rambunctious boys at home, both super excited about the upcoming present-fest.

Still, I want to make progress, so I've arranged for a sitter to take them out to some fun locales (swimming, the trampoline park, indoor play arenas) twice a week for the next two weeks.  That will give me four hours a week to write, which should let me do between 3000 and 5000 words.  Then we'll be back to the regular schedule of juggling my dayjob and writing while the kids are at school.

I'll also have some more work to do with Metamorphosis.  The release date is set for February 14th, a little Valentine's Day celebration for everyone.  I set up the preorder this weekend and am waiting for Amazon to approve it.  So now I have a very firm deadline.  I'm hoping that I can have the print version ready (at least from the site) at the same time though it will take another 6-8 weeks for the print version to be available in Canada.  But I have to wait until I have my final text for everything.

I've got another two weeks before I'll get my line edits back.  Then a couple of rounds of back and forth, then final polish and proofread.  I can do this.

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