Monday, 6 April 2015

Weekly Update: March 29 to April 4

Weekly Word Count: 5250

This total is a little misrepresentative since I actually only wrote three days this week, 2500 words on Sunday, 3000 on Saturday and 250 on Wednesday.  I am pleased that I can still pull down extended periods of writing (I've gotten very used to writing in 45 minute increments and I'm starting to find my brain and fingers automatically slow down around that point).

My big news for the week is that is now carrying my paperback, so Canadians no longer have to order from  Unfortunately, the way the distribution fees work, I don't get as much in the way of royalties, but I actually don't mind that so much.  Right now, my marketing byword is getting myself out there.

I also submitted Revelations to the Ottawa Public Library for inclusion in their collection.  Since it's self-published, it has to go through a review process.  I'm fairly confident they'll find the writing is up to standard, but I suppose it's always possible it could be picked up by someone who's having a bad day.  The librarians at my local branch have been really helpful in suggesting ways to promote myself.

My sales have started to slow so it's time to do another marketing campaign.  I'll be doing a giveaway on Goodreads as part of a review which is coming up.  And I was thinking about putting Revelations up on NetGalley.  I'm also going to be looking up local book clubs to see if they'd be interested in featuring Revelations as one of their selections.

I had a great lunch this week with my friend, Teresa Morgan.  She's been one of my guides for self-publishing and I always find her advice helpful.  And I had an evening out with another writer/girlfriend, Alexa Bloom, who is getting very close to finishing her new novel.  We had a great chat and were serenaded by cowboys (okay, us and a bar full of other people), which made for a fun Saturday night.

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